Hexham Days Out

Hexham Abbey

Beaumont St, Hexham NE46 3NB

Hexham Abbey is one of the first christian places of worship in England since the age of the old Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. It has seen the rise of christendom in England, the Viking Invasions and many other periods of immense change which affected the fabric of England, which is all reflected in art displayed within the building.

Hexham Abbey continues to offer a range of services and functions from religious worship, to hosting music events, weddings, exhibits, festivals etc.

Hexham also has several children dedicated spots such as designated play areas and childrens events.


International Dark Skies Park

Several Dark Sky Spots in Northumberland

Hexham is centred around several locations which are part of the International Dark Sky Park which plots Hexham around one of the darkest places in England.

The area covered by the park is around 572 square miles, which also makes it the largest protected dark sky area in Europe.

Dilston Physic Garden

Dilston, Corbridge NE45 5QZ

Visit the Dilston Pshycic Garden and be amazed by the unique medical garden at Dilston which is situated on the banks of a meandering river. It is a garden like no other which is brimming with over 700 medicinal plants, which have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is a garden like no other.

Experience a numinous and harmonious garden which exerts a sense of tranquility with its people and plants to nurture the spirit.

​Tyne Green Country Park

Tyne Green Rd, Hexham NE46 3HR

Tyne Green Park is centered just 15 minutes from the Hexham Town Centre where its situated on the River Tyne. The park features a wide range of small woods and radiant views which attract many visitors each year.

The park features a wide range of easily accesbile bike and walking routes, together with designated spots for picnics and BBQs. The park also holds many spots for children to have fun and explore the park.

Hexham Race Course

High Yarridge, Hexham NE46 2JP

The Racecourse in Hexham is one of the most scenic horse racing course in the country. It takes full advantage of its natural setting to provide a superb viewing experience for the racing.

The location also sports the Henderson Suite Restaurant which offers a fantastic carvery buffet which overlooks the racecourse. You can also enjoy a more exclusive package which offers a private box along with other benefits. This is the perfect spot for horse racing fans.

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