Planning your trip to Hexham

Hexham is a beautiful Historic Abbey Town, and without leaving the town itself there is plenty for you to explore and do.

Hexham Abbey

Our day began at the magnificent Hexham Abbey, the town’s true heart, which looms over the rest of the structures. Completed in AD678, it constantly impresses me how such massive, gorgeous structures were constructed without the technology we have today.

The Abbey is free to visit and well-maintained, with plenty of people dispersed around to provide you with interesting data about the structure and to assist you in making the most of your stay.

We were especially charmed with the vibrant stained glass windows, and were shocked to find that the most current stained glass exhibits are only 6 years old!

The Big Story, an interactive look at the history of the city, was the highlight of our vacation.

Coffee and Cake at The Refectory Cafe


Despite the fact that Hexham has a plethora of fantastic-looking coffee shops, we chose to have our cake break at the Abbey. The Refectory Cafe provides freshly baked cake, and I knew I had to purchase a slice as soon as I saw that they had coffee cake (my favourite).

Simon was ecstatic to see that they had chocolate orange cake (his favourite) on the counter as well; they must have seen us coming!

We were startled by the size of the cafe in Hexham Abbey, which provided a warm welcome after the frigid temperatures outside. We were overjoyed to be able to feel our fingers and toes once more.

Get Lost in the Streets of Hexham

Hexham is a terrific spot to go for a little street potter, and I recommend getting lost down the gorgeous little roads to see what you can find instead of burying your nose in Google maps.

There are some true gems – who knew this art gallery had a hidden vault beneath it where you can listen to live music and drink cocktails?

There are numerous independent gift shops, delicious-looking eateries and tea rooms, as well as numerous antique and art shops to browse around, and the sandstone-colored buildings were stunning even on a dreary Winter day.

We paid a quick visit to The Forum, Hexham’s small one-screen cinema, which shows both new releases and old favourites. Unfortunately

The Vintage Emporium

The Vintage Emporium, a Georgian building with hidden chambers, old wooden floorboards, and tilting rooms packed with the most exquisite vintage furniture, kitchenware, and clothing, was my favourite discovery in Hexham. It was a veritable treasure trove, and I relished the opportunity to learn more each time I came across a new chamber. We’d already eaten, which was a shame because Bea’s Teas, a vintage tearoom set in the 1940s, is tucked away in the centre of the shop and looked fantastic!

Hexham Parks

We managed a quick tour around the park despite the chilly temperatures, which provided some beautiful views of Hexham Abbey and a rather stunning display of Spring blooms. “Imagine how lovely this must be in the summer,” I said several times during our walk, and we definitely want to come in the summer to picnic on the grass and people watch.

So we learned that, yeah, Hexham does have a lot to offer! We could easily spend a whole day (and evening!) in the lovely tiny market town, taking in the culture, history, food, shopping, and green areas. We had a great time on our first day excursion to Hexham and will not ignore the lovely town in the future.